Self-Defense Awareness Concepts


AWARENESS CONCEPTS IN SELF-DEFENSE Tactical Survival Street Savvy: Developing Astute Awareness“Anyone who is aware of their environment knows that the peril of physical assault does exist, and that it exists everywhere and at all times. The police, furthermore, can protect … Read More

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Are we all on our way to becoming boiled frogs? -SURVIVALKEY

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*Post provided for publication by SURVIVALKEY. I PROUDLY support this company and it’s efforts. Are we all on our way to becoming boiled frogs? The metaphor that I’m referring to is the proverbial frog that, when placed in a pot of … Read More

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Zastava M88A Review


Zastava M88A Review This morning I got to spend some time at the range with an old friend and his newly acquired Zastava M88A.  This is a Serbian made pistol that is generally considered military grade and chambered in 9mm. … Read More

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Ruger SR40 Review

Image courtesy of Ruger -

Ruger SR40 Review This past weekend I was window shopping at Cabela’s and noticed that they had a Ruger SR40 on sale for a price I couldn’t pass up.  Not only was the LISTED price low, but because .40 cal … Read More

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Getting Your House In Order


In recent months the Plan and Prep family has lost two of our elder members as they have moved on to the Great Homestead in the Sky.  Although both members had significant medical difficulties the passing of one was rather … Read More

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Green Acre Aquaponics offer workshop in New Jersey

Green Acre Aquaponics

Aquaponics is a sustainable living alternative to the grocery store. It is the production of plants and fish that you can do in the confines of your own home. It can be as big or as small a process as … Read More

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Marauding as a Prepper Strategy


Marauding as a Prepper Strategy Ladies and gentlemen, last night’s episode of Doomsday Preppers was hands down the worst I have ever seen in regards to airing someone with absolutely nothing worthwhile to share and adding no value whatsoever to … Read More


Alex Newton on Preparedness Radio Network


Click the link below to listen to my interview on the Preparedness Radio Network with the one and only Dr. Prepper! In the interview I discuss my book, “Plan and Prep: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse“. Dr. Prepper digs into the … Read More

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American Blackout – Review

Image courtesy of National Geographic Online (

American Blackout – Review American Blackout aired last night on the National Geographic channel and as expected Plan and Prep was there to enjoy and review.  I decided not to live tweet the show in order to pay close attention … Read More

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Should I Become A Prepper?


There are three type of people in this world today; those who prep, those who don’t and those that are on the fence. Those people that are in the third group are interesting in that they recognize the need for … Read More

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