Are you a prepper looking to network and have a space on the web to speak your mind?  Tired of posting on message boards, forums and blogs only to get your message deleted or marked as spam?  Maybe you own or are starting a prepper based business and need a viable hosting solution…no matter the case, check out Prepper Hosting!

Prepper Hosting is a collaboration between DBN Tech Systems and Plan and Prep to provide an affordable web hosting platform geared to the needs of preppers.  Our goal is to offer a wide selection of hosting package options suitable to include all income levels while providing excellent service and support.

As preppers we understand the need to feel comfortable posting your opinions and thoughts.  We understand the need to feel secure that your free speech won’t be censored and that your site won’t be shut down because someone disagrees with you.  We stand ready to support preppers and their rights online.

Prepper Hosting GUARANTEES 99.9% uptime, options for eCommerce, Spam Assassin and many other extras!

Prepper Hosting will be adding tons of new extras available ONLY to our hosting customers including a huge selection of products at fantastic prices that can be purchased for personal use or even resale!

As this project evolves I will update this page further.  For now, check out Prepper Hosting for the latest updates!