Thank you for stopping by our site.  I hope that you find the information you are looking for and perhaps even a bit more.  Feel free to check out our sponsor links and purchase through Plan and Prep Approved Merchants.  This will help keep our site up and running and our forums free for the world to use!

Here at Plan and Prep we strive to provide information on emergency and disaster preparation, prepping, and self-reliance.  At the same time you will certainly notice we are not shy about sharing our opinions on the current economy, politics and many other aspects of the world around us.

The difference between Plan and Prep and many of the other sites about prepping and survival is that we are making a valiant effort NOT to bring hate into our discussions.  We allow discussion from any angle and view, but there are rules to our discussions.  We feel that in doing this we can further these discussions openly and honestly without anyone feeling like they will be attacked for their opinion or viewpoint.

What do we believe?

The founders of Plan and Prep are gun owners, 2nd Amendment supporters, ex-military (Army and Marines), hard working Americans that don’t receive any government support.  We pay our taxes, abide by the law and are active in our community.  We have members of the Tea Party, Republicans, Democrats and Socialist Democrats amongst our ranks.

At our core we are family driven, community driven and our ambition is to become full-time Homesteaders.  We feel that many of the problems in the United States are based on a runaway economic model that crushes far too many families under the wheels of profit and progress.  We feel that Americans have become too entrenched with their perceived “rights” above all others and to the detriment of too many.  We feel that it is the duty and responsibility of the strong to support and aid those in need on a community level.  We believe that our fore-fathers meant for this country to be an ever evolving system that could change and adapt to the needs of it’s people and to the world around us.

Whether or not you agree with our beliefs we invite you to share your thoughts on prepping.  Contribute your ideas about self-reliance and personal growth here in an environment where positive discussion is not going to be buried beneath the hate of others that don’t agree with you.

Thank you again for joining us.