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Executive Order 13603 – President Obama is NOT coming for your pinto beans! — 10 Comments

  1. This is an excellent piece, by and large. I agree 100% with your assessments on 13603, and that people often use incorrect (or deliberately manipulated) information to ‘scare’ people into distrusting Authority. There is enough factually-verified information (Agenda 21, the PATRIOT Act, NSA scandal, etc) to prove a healthy fear of Authority is justified, without grasping onto every half-baked conspiracy theory on the ‘net. (Besides, I prefer my conspiracies to fully-baked, thank you very much.)

    With that noted, there is one slight error, for in the fourth paragraph you state “The president cannot make laws – Only Congress can do that,” then you make your argument why that is the case. While that is an accurate interpretation of the Constitutional authority for the Executive Order, it is not based on historical precedent. For just one of many examples, EO 6102 was signed by Franklin Dictatoro Roosevelt in April 1933, and it criminalized the ownership of gold. It became law immediately upon his issuance, and all private citizens (along with corporate interests) were forced to hand over their gold. No congressional involvement was necessary for a tyrannical action by a president to become law; stroke of the pen, and it was law of the land.

    Speaking of which, a few years back Clinton crony Paul Begala was quoted referring to the EO with nearly those exact words: “Stroke of the pen, law of the land – kinda cool,” which counteracts your paragraph mentioned above. Unfortunately the president DOES have the power to write laws through the executive order (though I agree that was certainly not the original intent), thus a vigorous concern of any president possibly abusing this power is completely justified, in my very humble opinion.

    All that aside, the rest of the article is spot-on as far as I can tell, and a breath of fresh air. Shooting down factual inaccuracies from within only solidifies our grasp of the very real dangers we face, which is always a positive thing. Well done, sir.

    • Thank you Stone. Good point about the power of executive orders. I’d be worried if one actually was issued (and we should be worried if one ever is issued that actually said something like this). A healthy distrust of the government is necessary to keep the government accountable – in this particular conspiracy theory, “it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” (Apologies to Bill Shakespeare.)

  2. most excellent article!!! thanks for writing it and posting it!!!

    never could quite get my head wrapped around anyone rummaging around in my pantry for my daughters boxes of oatmeal or granola cereals, so that they could confiscate them. well, except for maybe her brother? 🙂

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