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Are We Living In The Post Apocalyptic World? — 4 Comments

  1. This is a fantastic article….I watched a show last nite that was super scary and it was saying much the same, but mostly based on Revelations from the Bible. Your thots are right on….we need to get ready even more. More folks should take planning and prepping more seriously than they do. Again, you are doing great job of getting the news out there!

      • Jack,Well I spent about 1 hour trying Ebay and zero luck, I am cnottansly outbid and can only find silver at or higher than I can purchase pure silver from similar dealers online (which I would like to note have provided me about .15oz extra in one order, and is in troy ounces not regular ounces meaning I would love 1 troy ounce of silver for about every 11-12 coins purchased).I am not seeing it. I guess if you spend a good portion of your time checking ebay it works. Or maybe just bid and bid and bid on different items until you finally win?Also are you including that about all the junk silver I see for sale is in regular ounces and not troy ounces like the silver I order from other places is? It takes about 1.22 ounces (regular) of junk silver coins to give you a troy ounce of silver in those coins. In my calculations it is actually (in most ending auctions I have seen in the last few hours) about 2$ a troy ounce more to purchase on ebay than buying second hand pure silver. Maybe I am not doing something right, or seeing something that isn’t there? But in my instance the only two values you get out of buying junk is the smaller denominations of silver. But to me if i’m going to have to over pay for it I would much rather have the 1/2 troy ounce coins I have then have say Mercury dimes which are only about one 6th in size which isn’t much difference, quarters are only 1/5th a ounce.Am I really missing something here, or what? Nothing but the dimes seem worth it to me for the small size, and maybe some quarters but really only the dimes would be useful for chance for the most part and I can’t even win 100 of them and there very few auctions for dimes only. I will keep trying but really it seems not to be such a honey hole to me.Current score: 0

    • I scored an 84%, problbay because I don’t remember nuclear physics and can’t weld worth a damn. Better than 88% of my age group, and the 12% above me problbay just picked the most macho answers to post of Myspace, the bastards.

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