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Marauding as a Prepper Strategy — 10 Comments

  1. I think raiding may be key for some initially. Those that make a good go of it, and happen to have some brains, will gradually change their MO and “offer protection services” to the local homesteaders. He will survive by taking a cut from each producer’s harvest in exchange god his services. Benevolent or tyrannical, such a one is bound to rise up in bad times. If he can keep the people in fear, he stays in power and in relative comfort.

    • Yeah, I’m a book junkie as much as I’m a flglhsiaht slut. Got at least 13 of these and probably more that I don’t know about, although I try to at least skim every book that I buy. Have filled up two 5 shelf, 4 bookcases, can’t have enough hard copy references for SHTF. Making the Best of Basics is a very good book. On the edible plants, I think that a local course on wild edibles, by someone of skill, would be better than the books themselves, although I love the reference point. The problem that I have seen with wild edible books is that authors tend to use line drawings due to the expense of color pictures of enough quality to be useful. I can’t function with line drawings of plants that if you make a mistake in identifying, have the potential of killing you. If you don’t have a HARD COPY library, you run the risk of not having the knowledge you will desperately need in a survival situation. Survive well. Enjoy.VA:F [1.9.22_1171]0 0

  2. LP,

    Thanks for the comments!

    I disagree that it is a foregone conclusion that bad people will rise to power and stay there during or after a SHTF event, at least to the extent you are speculating. Yes, I do believe that criminals will have a significant role in a post SHTF world but I also believe that America’s true sense of “community” would very quickly counter any control a bandit/marauder may think they have over people.

    People, especially Americans, have a long history of fighting just that very kind of person.

    Plan and Prep

    • Some of us are rural citizens and as such are in place as far as BOing, so ciannng is a major concern for preservation of garden food in the absence of refrigeration. You sound as if you are an urbanite and even as such, you still might find ciannng useful. If you lose all power everything in your freezer could be salvaged by ciannng, so it does have its place. If you had 200#s of meat and vegetables, and a couple hundred pint jars, you could can those vittles in 10-16 hours and save them, if you have the supplies and know-how. If TSHTF and you bugged out, you have to go somewhere, and if it lasted for a year or two, how are you going to eat? Everyone’s top 20 is different according to their situation as there are MANY facets to survival. The farther you are from the metro areas the less survival becomes a tactical exercise, which is why I don’t live in a metro area even though I have almost 40 years of tactical training. Survive well. Enjoy.VA:F [1.9.22_1171]0 0

  3. Individuals like tyler certainly will not inherit the earth after the SHTF….Primarily because individuals like myself and my close group of preppers wouldn’t let him get within 1mile of our houses….as coincidence has it thats the range we train at with our 338’s.

    • There is little hope for a world enmioocc recovery if people like this are running the biggest economy. She clearly has less understanding of basic enmiooccs that any high school enmiooccs student. The factory owner has already paid for every input into the goods he produces (and in the case of any inputs provided by the state, he will have undoubtedly paid far more than the true value of those inputs). Has she no sense of history that shows wealth cannot be created at the point of a gun? Taking her view to its logical conclusion results in no factories at all (or at least factories that make Trabants rather than BMWs.) No wonder America is following the Soviet block into bankruptcy and collapse.

  4. Great article. I couldn’t even imagine where to begin describing all the idiotic notions that Tyler had during this episode.

    However, to add to the chaos, it was birdshot in the final test and done at about a 30-degree angle which ensured he wouldn’t get hurt. I was actually surprised he didn’t use a shot of rock salt. I have shot enough birds and bucks to know what they sound like and if you could get past the sound of BS and heavy breathing from him and his “sidekick” cousin, you could hear it. I was very surprised that NatGeo didn’t call BS on that one, but ratings are ratings.

    Thanks for all you do amigo. Keep up the great work and keep us informed.

  5. I happened to watch that episode and thought it to be very funny that fatso lost his breathe just walking! I was also disappointed with the NG OR DP for airing such a stupid stupid episode! just saying

  6. More poetic justice: Apparently he is a registered sex offender and handling his guns on tv got him thrown in jail.

  7. We’re finally geittng to this year. We just have a little area to plant in, but I was thrilled to find out that several of the things we wanted to plant can be done right in the ground this time of year. I was sad when we didn’t start any indoors a couple of months ago. We were able to get some starts from friends of some of the other vegetables we wanted. It will be interesting to see how these turn out. It’s also interesting to see how many more weeds you get when you plant them in the ground instead of in planters on a second story balcony. That’s how we did it before. So, we’re definitely geittng the weeding exercise in, too.

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