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Open Carry Gun Laws – Your Rights – Common Sense — 4 Comments

  1. Good advice here. It’s a fine line between exercising our right to open carry and causing more hard feelings and fear in the no-gun group. Sometimes my husband gets upset when I ask him to conceal carry instead of open carry (we both have permits to carry concealed) but there are places and situations when it just doesn’t make sense to upset folks or draw unnecessary or unwanted attention to yourself.

    • Anne,

      Thank you for the kind words and the point of view. I think it advances our cause greatly with each individual that uses the kind of common sense approach that you described in your comment.

    • I agree it really isn’t that they don’t care it is what do they have the rerosuces to enforce. So typically unless a person is causing a problem (specifically off the CB bands by bleeding over) they tend to not hear a thing about it.I am going to say something that many people will disagree with (at least publicly) but pushing 20-30 watts on AM or say 30-40 on SSB isn’t going to cause any problems if and this is the big if you don’t over-modulate and if you only use the power when necessary. Yes it is illegal but the odd that anyone is going to have any issues taking this approach are quite long. The problem is people just want the biggest and loudest crap they can get their hands on. It causes problems for everyone CBs, people on other bands etc. They get a 1000 watt amp and then they get a power mic and splatter their crap all over to try to out blast the next jackjaw down the road. It is really idiocy to the extreme. I would love to see something like a Society of Responsible Outlaw CBers to do what the FCC can’t or won’t do. Set a reasonable set of standards for CB that allows for a reasonable use of the technology and a reasonable set of ethics for language and simply make it cool to be reasonable on the CB, being cool is far more likely to create compliance than a law, history shows that.Lastly here is a tid bit for everyone that wonders why CB got so foul language wise. It started on the 1-9 the trucker channel when CB got stupid popular and people were booming their chit chat all over the truckers first moved from one channel to another, they were trying to WORK and CB was part of that. This is so long back that at the time CB only had 23 channels in the US.When moving didn’t work they decided well if we start dropping F bombs and what not all the surburbites with a rig in the family sedan will go somewhere else and clear the air. It worked but the tone changed and likely 99% of the foul mouths out there today are just fitting in, they likely have no idea what anyone reading this knows now.Current score: 1

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