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  1. Thanks for posting this review. The Ultralite envelope sleeping bag advertised on Facebook would great for my needs, if it was what they claim it to be! But sounded too good to be true so I went looking for reviews: none available. Went to their site, no result found for my search. Something shady about this whole thing. The only way I would try it now is if they sent it to me for a free trial period w/ the option to pay later or return if not satisfied & I would gladly pay the postage. But, will not deal with this company now.

    • Jack,

      Thank you for the comments. I really hate writing bad reviews and make a concerted effort not to do so, but sometimes you just have to speak up. I did eventually get the product after being told three times it had shipped, (when it hadn’t). The Gravity Hook itself is a niche product with very little utility in my opinion. I can see using it for a few select tasks but primarily it is a novelty for my kids to use to pick up small objects from the floor.


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