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Quarantine – Home Defense and the Zombie Apocalypse — 2 Comments

  1. The idea of separation between refugee and homesteader sparks many conversations and arguments. Many of my friends like the idea if a remote drop to be used for assistance. I’ve you decide to assist strangers with your supplies, you can arrange for them to collect the goods at s drop at a certain time.

    Quarantine in the home is best done in a sealed room with negative pressure. If possible, a fan that blows air out of a window will draw air into the room through cracks in the doorway, preventing contaminated air from backing into the house. (You will need to allow outside sir into the house elsewhere, optimally through a serious HEPA filter rig-up.) Keep other supplies on hand: gloves, cleaners, masks (p100), suits even. The usual infection control supplies. If it is bad enough to effect a quarantine, then you better consider hospital practices in your own efforts.

    • While separating others can seem insensitive, I think it really is a necessary precaution. Drop points are an excellent idea to minimize exposure to potential contagions. Your other suggested practices and equipment are great additions, too. Thanks for your thoughtful input, L P! 🙂

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