Become a Plan and Prep Sponsor Today!

How do I become a Plan and Prep sponsor?

Contact Plan and Prep at:


What do I have to do to be a sponsor?

Sponsors will provide a product or service* that will be given away through a Facebook campaign on the Plan and Prep Facebook page.  There are several formats that we can follow based on the value of the giveaway.  Some giveaways will be randomized drawing type giveaways while others will be random winners after a certain number of page “Likes”.

*All products or services must be related to prepping, or emergency and disaster preparedness.


What do I get for being a sponsor?

Sponsors will have their 250×250 banner placed in our homepage sidebar for the month that they have provided a product or service for giveaway.  All sponsors will be clearly marked as “SPONSOR” as opposed to advertiser and will be given preference over advertisers on page location.

Most giveaways will consist of a Facebook based campaign where registrants will “like” our page and the sponsor page, follow our Twitter and the sponsor Twitter accounts and will get extra credits for sharing and tweeting about the giveaway.

Other giveaways will be done for a certain number of “likes”.  This will generally be reserved for larger prizes as we will not offer the giveaway until we reach the requisite number of “likes”.


Is there any other way to become a sponsor?

Another way to become a sponsor is to provide Plan and Prep with a product or service to review.  All reviews will be handled in the order in which the products are received.  Unless otherwise agreed upon products will NOT be returned after our review process is completed.  Sponsors wishing for their product to be returned will be required to provide a self addressed and pre-paid return shipping label.