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  1. Jack,One of the things I think you slhuod have mentioned regarding Silver in my research and regarding specifically Junk VS Silver Bullion.We all know Silver Bullion (.999) is more pure than Junk Silver, and Junk Silver is actually a form of currency, or money acceptable in the current structure.But Silver Bullion (.999) is a better investment to me for a number of reasons 1. .999 Silver is very pure, and thus more compact, and less weight for worth 2. .999 Silver is the type of silver used for industrial use which is one of the major uses of Silver.I still think Junk Silver is a good investment, especially as you indicated in a barter situation it is in smaller formats such as a mercury dime which I believe without looking it up has .0715 OZ or something similar of silver and it’s near impossible to find any .999 silver in anything under a 1/2 OZ, or 1/4 OZ.About 60% of the silver used every year is used in industrial applications, since they are one of the major players in the silver market wouldn’t you want silver that they can use as is? Industry isn’t going to look at Junk Silver as a form of equal worth to .999 Silver since they will have to put money, time, effort and energy into making it pure to use for what they need. Of course you could say that silver jewelry (which is roughly equivalent to 90% silver coins) is similar, but they are not such a major player, or use of silver as industry is.There also isn’t much difference in the price between Junk Silver and getting second hand silver rounds A $500 dollar face value bag of mixed 90% Junk Silver is about 33.36 per ounce (Apmex.com). While You can buy 34.20 a ounce. Do you think it will cost industry more or less than 84 cents per ounce to make your Junk Silver pure? I think it might actually be more with the rising costs of energy, production, etc. This doesn’t even include shipping and transportation costs.Also if your making a bigger investment the difference becomes even less.. 33.30 a ounce for junk (at 10,000 dollar investment) to 33.74 a ounce for a similar investment for pure silver. Once you include shipping costs the difference is actually about zero, or close to it and you have a less pure product which has to again be refined for industrial use.Also in my purchasing of Silver Bullion (.999) second hand coins I have gotten a number of American Eagles and similar American coins which have a higher value than just generic .999 silver.IceDeepCurrent score: 0

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