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    • AG Russell,

      Thanks for the comment/question.

      As a recruit in the Army I understood immediately the life and death ramifications of what we were doing in training. Due to the time frames of Basic Training moving from “learning” to “doing” in a very short period it made sense that a harsh approach was needed. This ensures that recruits understand the danger that they pose to themselves and others from the very start as opposed to figuring it out over time.

      In the real world, and even in prepping, you work under the assumption that an emergency or disaster could occur at any time. However, when consulting or trying to interest prospective clients the situation is different. If I were to yell or scream at them and start telling them that they have to do it “my way or the highway” and RIGHT NOW then they wouldn’t be clients for very long most likely.

      My clients are mainly professionals that are looking to assess and improve their emergency and disaster readiness, not hard core preppers that feel like the economy is collapsing or the government is out to get them. They are concerned with house fires, flash floods, forced evacuations and severe weather, not martial law or EMP attack.

      My change in attitude has occurred because I was being too nice and was actively seeking to soften my critiques of their planning and prepping. This is not to say that I am going to turn into a Drill Sgt, but only to say that sometimes it takes a little more forceful discussion to get the proper point across.

      I hope that this has answered your question.

      Plan and Prep

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