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Making a Plan: What are You Preparing For? — 5 Comments

  1. Making a prep plan is so important but unfortunately still overlooked by most people. Even a simple checklist or spreadsheet of what you have and what you still need can go a long way in budgeting and organizing for a disaster.

    • THE BILL OF RIGHTS AND THE CONSTITUTION these people or as they pefrer to be called im surePOLITICIANS,have obviously forgotten or just plain have disregarded that thing they call an oath to uphold the very thing this country it’s flag and all or should i say most of the population of this great country will die for protecting,upholding,and plain and simply revolting against these so called politicians mainly that power drunk comander and cheif lol,from the distruction ,desicration ,and dismantling of the foundation of this great country so many call home THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,and the documents THE BILL OF RIGHTS,AND THE CONSTITUTION OF AMERICA, will one way be upheld by the people that choose to stand and be counted because UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL so stand tall bear arms and fight for the very freedom they have been stealing from each and every one us for along time .its time to say no i am a citizen of the united states where i have rights and wont be bullied no more ,the federal government have some how decided in a stupid and blind decision to think they dont have to be held accountable for these crimes they ve committed and the poor job they have been ELECED to do can and will be removed by the very people that sign they re checks WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  2. I was taught to NOT prep for an event – because if you prep for 1, you will fall short if another one hits instead. Like fire instead of flood. This from a Mormon lady who taught food storage classes was the best info I ever got!! Just PREP! Prep and prep some more!!!

    • Freedom of speach, a free press, froedem of religion, the right to bear arms, have all been infringed by the federal government. The department of energy, education, EPA are all outside of the powers granted to the federal government by the constitution. The tenth amendment has be crushed with money flowing first to DC and with strings attached back to the states. Our Government is suposted to protect us from forgien invasion. Yet our souther border is breached every day by unauthorized people, invaiding our nation. The only thing uniting Americans is our language. Yet now we spend millions on printing in a second language. To be a citizen you need to be able to read and understand the languange that is spoken by those in power. During the first revolution only 1/3 of the people in this country supported liberty. If it comes down to revolution it will still be only 1/3 of the people in this nation who will be willing to plege their life, liberty, property and honor. Count me among those who will stand as Patrick Hennery in saying give me liberity or give me death. The latter is as it was then the most likly event. The people are the final defender of the constitution. We need to be taking care of our own people before we try and save the world. In our efforts to promote liberity abroad we have lost most of it here.

  3. Dean, I agree with you wholeheartedly. It is now way past the time for eeaerttins and begging! Asking did not work, and neither has any other method worked to stop, or even slow down this Communist takeover of our Republic!When you talk about the members of gov’t, you are correct in that it is not just about BO, but every single elected official and beaurocrat working in the federal (and state) government. If they are not actively opposing these policies of tyranny, let alone actively assisting such things, then they are no better than Quislings, and deserve to share that same fate!I also agree that if a peaaceful solution can be found, that would be wonderful, but I fear that we are too far over the precipace to take that approach solely. So, I propose that we also apply some very sage advice from the annuals of history. If you want to have peace, then prepare for war! I believe that unless they know, and I mean REALLY KNOW that we mean business, they will not come to the table. So, I suggest that while the civil organization is being created and put into place, an affiliated militia get formed and organized in its own right. Therefore they will know that we are talking softly but carrying a big stick!AZR

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