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  1. The shotgun is OK, it’s the ammo you use that you have to watch. Slugs and doblue-00 buckshot is not good for that environment. You can get reduced recoil ammo in #4 buckshot that has good stopping power without over penetrating. That’s what we carried in the military most of the time. If we needed to blow a hinge we had special ammo to load for that. Get an 18.5 inch barrel on it also. Don’t let the sales clerk press you into all the tactical black color and gadgets. A plain jane with wood or polymer stocks is just fine. All the tactical array does is make a $250 shotgun cost an extra hundred or two. The bad guy doesn’t care how cool you look.Agree with Thoreau on the handgun ammo. They are making some ammo classified as Personal Defense that is lower powered nowdays.

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